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Two Head Embroidery 15 needle series

2heads embroidery machine with 6,12,15 needles, 400*450mm


TE-1502-machine Only available in a 15 needle

2heads embroidery machine with 6,12,15 needles, 400*450mm Up & down thread stand

Up & down thread stand

New Bobbin winder

New Bobbin winder



  • 2 head 6/12/15 needles (colors). suitable for cap, finished garment like T-shirt and flat embroidery
  • Automatic thread trimmer, automatic color change
  • 270° Wide cap frame unit
  • Thread break detection
  • New bobbin winder with independent motor to keep bottom thread smoothly
  • High speed up to 1200 SPM
  • Stand Table and machine can be separated
  • Memory size up to 2 million stitches and 200 designs
  • Keeping current data or working position when emergency stop or power off
  • Mending function. (back and skip stitches under controller)
  • Start, Stop, and Emergency Stop
  • Cap/ flat embroidery mode switch eliminating the possibility of hitting the frame.
  • USB port with fast data transmission and good compatibility
  • Mainboard is intergated into the control panel protecting it from dust or external force.
  • Electricity: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz available

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Control Panel

  • New 8" touch screen display control panel USB port
  • Showing real time stitching
  • Function keys including selection key, manual trimmer, arrow keys.
  • Selection can be used to speed up and slow down
  • Memory size: 2,000,000 stitches
  • The processor is 150MHZ with fast system speed
  • USB port ready
  • Control system can be updated easily
  • Interface is user friendly and easy to handle
  • Multi Languages are available like English, Spanish,Portuguese

Hoops/frames inclued

  • 1 Sash Frame: 81cm x 48cm (32" x 19") for 2 heads
  • 2 sets of back hoops for 30cm x 30cm (11.80" x 11.80") for each head
  • 2 sets of front hoops of 19cm (7.50") for each head
  • 2 sets of front hoops of 15cm (5.90") for each head
  • 2 sets of front hoops of 12cm (4.70") for each head
  • 2 sets of front hoops of 9cm (3.50") for each head

Other Attachment

  • Table top
  • Operation Manual
  • Tool Kit

Built-in Network:

6\9\12\15 2 400*450mm 400mm 1200mm 900mm 900mm 200KGS

Optional Devices

8 in 1 Devices can accomplish embroidery on shirt pockets, socks, cap backs, bags, shirt

sleeves, collar tips, gloves, cuffs of sleeves, ribbons, CD cases, etc.

Red laser position

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2015-07-08 05:12:11

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