Our In-House Production Team are here to work with you to advise, design and develop your brand to enable the successful printing on to a wide range of garments and accessories. All production is done on our premises enabling us to have full control of quality and dispatch times.

Continued investment in the development of the printing side of our business allows us to offer a comprehensive range of hot press vinyl, digital printing transfer and sublimation processes. The application of cut vinyl material is traditionally a successful way to cover large areas of small quantities of garments with printed material. This remains the case but the processes have further developed and now a huge range of highly technical materials are on offer with enhanced methods of application and a comprehensive range of printing options all designed to produce crisp, accurate representations of your designs.

With any complex process we start with a review of what is required, consider the options and create a plan that we know will successfully decorate the garments in the most cost effective way possible. We calculate the optimum size and best use of the space and which material to use. The options are many and varied and for example from Xpres we can offer materials like Ultra-Cut, Super-Flex and Sport-Flex and these are a small selection from an extensive range.

Although we specialise in printing on to garments we print successfully on to caps, lap top bags, mugs and other accessories.

With an agreed layout and the correct material selected we use our specialist software to prepare a design file that we use to work with our cutters. This is a highly accurate process with minuscule tolerances and a key part of producing an excellent finished product.

Through the availability of new and developing technologies we now have the ability to apply a wider and more varied range of materials than ever before. This is particularly relevant for technical shirts and anything that does not suit embroidery or requires an alternative method of decoration.

Our Promise To Clients

  • Always deliver on time
  • Great quality garments
  • Friendly & knowledgable staff members
  • Modern printing equipment
  • State of the art embroidery machines
  • Competitive prices
  • Quality & reliable service

“Excellent service, friendly staff, I know it’s a business but there is a personal touch too. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you” – Claire Grehan

How can we help you?

Drop us a line or an email, our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to discuss your printing or embroidery requirements. 

Excellent service, friendly staff, I know it’s a business but there is a personal touch too. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you.

Claire Grehan